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"Jerry Corley tears down the wall of ignorance and rips open the sphincter of political correctness, teaching us all that we are indeed allowed to laugh at one another while being proud of our differences."

--John Altobello III

"...[T]hanks for your excellent comedy show! I have to say that, at first, I was a little skeptical at how this would be a benefit to my team, but now I am a believer! ...I wish you were here now to listen to the people in our department who are still talking about some of your jokes!"

----Kurt Losert
VP, Services & Relationship Marketing, COMPAQ

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4-04-11:Did you see Kirstie Alley on Dancing with the Stars? She shook her ass so hard it wound up on the first ten minutes of "House!"

4/19/11: Apple sued Samsung for "slavishly" copying their products...Wait, is Carlos Mencia working for Samsung?

4-19-11:Robert Blake says he'll have to come out of retirement to pay back taxes. Unfortunately, there's no one casting creepy old-guy wife-murderers

04-19-11:After paying 1.13 million in taxes in back taxes in December, Lil Wayne was told he owed additional 5.6 million. Wait! A guy with that many bad face-tats also has bad accountants? Say it ain't so!

04-19-11:AOL News reported that Justin Timberlake is losing his hair. They then reported on a dozen additional items that no one gives a damn about either.





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The Joke Doctor says:

"FACT: The fear of having something to your left side is called sinistrophobia. FACT: The fear of having something to your right side is called dextrophobia. What's the fear of having something behind you? Homophobia?"

--Jerry Corley

"I'm afraid of needles. The nurse came into my hospital room and said, 'What type of blood do you have?' I said, 'Agoraphobic. It doesn't like to come out.'"

--Jerry Corley